What is a workshop? Workshops here are fun, they almost shouldn’t be called work! Simply put, a workshop is a designated time and place to create something. I really enjoy working with kids the best! I especially love helping kids with gift making. It is my goal to one day connect kids and their creations with local charities so they can see what a difference they can make in the world.

Who can do workshops? Anyone! Classes vary.

Where? Hilltop workshops is located on the Hardwick homestead, almost to the top of fickle hill.

When? Workshop days and times vary. Check out my calender for latest events. To request a workshop, contact me.

How$? Some workshops are free, some have a set rate, and some are by donation.

What kind of workshops do I do? They types of workshops that I have done already are: wood working, gardening, cooking, wreath making, jewelry making, scrapbooking, music lessons. I am open to other types of workshops, as well as having guest speakers leading a workshop at my place.