To beloved Humboldt nation,

I have some questions for you/us as a county I hope you will consider.

How long do our leaders plan to keep us on lockdown mode since they have not told us?

Do you remember when we were asked to stay home for 2 weeks back in March? Do you realize now that it is NOVEMBER?

Do you like following rules that are not laws? What if our leaders are governing unlawfully, do we plan to continue following blindly?

Have we forgotten that we have rights as Americans that would actually protect our individuality?

Do we not realize that no Governor, public health officer, mayor, or grocery store clerk has a right over our own bodies?

Have you read about “state of emergencies” and how long they can last before they expire? According to the California Emergency Services Act (ESA) Section 8558-b: a state of emergency can only be called if the threat overwhelms the current resources of the state. Furthermore, the state of emergency has to be terminated at the earliest possible date.

When is the last time you have looked at your civil rights? Do you realize that no public business can create laws that violate established law, such as your civil rights section 201a and by Ca code 51? Can you see that there are laws that protect your rights as an individual for disabilities, as well as religious exemption and that you should never be denied service anywhere that is a “public accommodation”? Did you know that standing curbside is not FREE and EQUAL access? Under Section 242 Title 18 discriminating is deprivation of rights under color of law and is a punishable offense.

Did you ever seen assistant to Attorney General’s statement about Covid and not allowing FEAR to violate established law? and how the constitution is never suspended.

Have you noticed how many stores are discriminating in Humboldt lately based on guidance documents and mandates that are not enforceable, but not allowing for exemptions based on same documents?

Have you checked out the CDC recommendations lately and notice anything missing?

Do you realize how many community members have been shunned, discriminated, hassled, shamed, blamed, for simply knowing their rights and trying to exert them in Humboldt county?

Did you know that one of the Department of public health’s jobs is to “police the unlicensed practice of medicine”? Did you know that a mask is a medical device? Did you know that legally no one ought to be giving medical advice, demand you wear anything without a proper examination from an on-site physician, or take your temperature? Did you know that you can even deny such procedures based on “informed consent” which is the actual law? Did you know that according to Regulation 1591 pushing medical devices without giving informed consent by any unlicensed person or any suspended, revoked, or unlicensed practitioner to engage in the practice of medicine or any other mode of treating the sick or afflicted which requires a license to practice constitutes unprofessional conduct? Did you know this includes grocery store clerks, hostesses and store managers? Did you know that anybody that discriminates against you is personally liable for discriminating and violating established law, and that you can offer this notice of discrimination (CREDIT: Peggy Hall, to inform them of your rights to file a charge against them, which may persuade offender to serve you, and even change their practices altogether now?

Did you know that all business have public non-discrimination policies and when they violate their own store policies a simple “summary judgement” request is often all that is needed for a judge to see they are in violation?

Have businesses not read these laws? Are they worried they are liable if someone contracts Covid in their place of business? Do you realize that small businesses have been threatened, intimidated, and harassed to comply with suggestions that go against standing law? Understand that according to health and safety code 120290 businesses are not capable, responsible, obligated, insured or trained to keep the public safe based on case law for 50+years? Watch this hour long interview about what’s going on with the Department of Public Health. CREDIT: Peggy Hall ( interview with John Jay (privacy fight)

Please follow real laws as business, or a customer. The law is the same as it always has been.

We are Humboldt county citizens and we are informed.