Treating a UTI (urinary track infection)

Prevent and treat UTI’s (urinary track infection) with D-Mannose. If you’ve ever had a uti you know that it is the kind of pain that cannot wait! I’ve had a few urinary track infections, and for decades I did not know how I could help prevent them, or even cure them without going to the Dr. ever. But I do now. I was getting my hair done one day when a caring person told me about D-mannose and how it will wipe out a UTI.  I couldn’t believe it would really work. It really does! These 2 products below have different concentrations.

The UT vibrance is highly concentrated. You use it immediately when you know you have a UTI coming on. It runs about $30 and I can only find them at health food stores where I live, but amazon carries it too.

Regular D-mannose is perfect for daily maintenance.

Amazon UT vibrance crisis intervention-the Cure

Amazon D-mannose maintenace capsules

Amazon D-mannose maintenace powder

Here are a few of the blogs I’ve read about D-mannose. They are all really good.

Why D-mannose is the only natural remedy you’ll ever need for your bladder infections (I promise) byRezzan Hussey.

3 worst mistakes to make when taking D-mannose & how to take D-mannose by Anastatia V

D-Manosse for UTI prevention validated in a clinical trial by Dr. Mercola’s natural health newsletter.

Azo can help numb the pain of a UTI, but you would not want to use it if you are not treating it because a UTI can get worse and go into your kidneys. Azo will mask the symptom, but will do nothing to treat the problem.

I hope this helps someone. I am forever grateful to Seila for telling me about it.