Lying Governor, lying public health officers.

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When you know the real laws you don’t have to follow lying leaders, and it’s wonderful! Some business owners never caved in to the Governor Newsome’s over reach. All of Governor Gavin Newsome’s executive orders have all been ruled unlawful, illegal, null and void! Furthermore, the judge has ruled an injunction for him to stop using executive orders under the California Emergency Services Act, which is what many of these fraudulent leaders are using for more power & more money.

Some people believe they are SAVING LIVES by wearing a mask. Why? Because of the California Covid campaign of coarse. Credit: Peggy Hall@ thehealthyamerican. Launched on billboards, flyers, brochures, commercials, wear a mask-be a hero-save lives is rolling on the TV ticker every time he speaks.

If you choose to ignore the science that masks are 100% unhealthy and can lead to warm bacteria festering around your face then you have not researched enough or trained people how to properly use and dispose of PPE. The state of California Department of Public Health website has a section devoted entirely to Staphylococcus, it’s an interesting read for sure.

The CDC has admitted the virus is not airborne.

I am so thankful for the businesses in Humboldt that do not attempt to control, oppress, intimidate, manipulate, bully, or give an ultimatum over mask wearing. It is illegal to enforce a medical device on anyone. Pandemic or not, only a medical physician has the license to prescribe a medical device, and even then we get to choose based on informed consent. I have heard personally from employees of other businesses who told their boss they had asthma, and their boss gave them the ultimatum, no mask no job. What in the world? Deprivation of rights under color of law is a serious crime people?

I am not playing games with my breath or health to make other people “feel” safer by wearing a mask. I am not convinced they are the safer choice, and I do not enjoy concealing my identity as others do. I know I am not a hero if I wear a mask or not, that is just a slogan. I do not care. I know how to use a tissue paper if I need to cough or sneeze and keep my hands clean. Some of my fellow professionals are out of their ever loving minds drunk with fake power or fear, not sure which sometimes?

This Governor is a liar and none of his executive orders stand today. It’s great news for those of us who know he has been wrong all along, but it hasn’t changed much in Humboldt county because we have a lying “resigned” public health officer here in Humboldt county who has abused her power and platform just like Governor Newsome.

Dr. Frankovich, aka pediatrician physician and supposedly resigned.

Here is her latest “order” requiring all individuals to wear face coverings. She has ZERO authority over anyone’s body, or anyone outside of her department. Look at the codes she sites?—Revised-Effective-September-3-until-Rescind

Read these cited codes for yourself and tell me if you think this woman is abusing her power or not? Here are all 3 that she references.

Health and safety code 120175

See what the lawyers that represent WORKMAN COMPENSATION INSURANCE for the state of California say about how Covid spreads.

Now re-read Dr F’s order now and compare it to the lawyers. Notice what she is omitting? The part about touching the infected surface, then touching your own body parts like eyes, nose, mouth. There is a lot of touching talk, no airborne talk. Do you really think it is by accident that she left this part out?

Will you still believe the lies after people are exposed, convicted, and sitting in prison? Seriously?

I am not convinced that the measures been imposed on our society is for our safety. In fact, I am sure that the illegal mandates, guidelines, and orders some of our leaders are imposing are cruel and unusual punishment on human beings, and intended to crush the small business.

No matter who is President, Governor, mayor, or even a public health officer can make a law. CREDIT: Peggy Hall

More of lying Dr F’s “orders” as if she has the authority.

There are no new legal obligations for us “individuals” under one woman’s orders, think about it? How absurd, arrogant, and incredibly insulting? Who does she seriously think she is?! Public health officer, yes. Control over her department, yes Individuals, all residents of the county, that’s a big NO. Businesses have been intimidated by this public official and many of our local media outlets by pushing these illegal nonsense orders, mandates, and guidelines, which are not enforceable in any way whatsoever!

Please open up your business as usual? Our Humboldt county Sheriff is a constitutional peace officer. There are no citations to be found for any of these new “guidance” documents, orders, or mandates that can be written against you.

If people continue to comply with masks how far do you think these people will go making decisions about your health? Are people really going to be obeying lying Newsome and lifting their mask up and down in between bites?

Masks are for the sick/and or compromised.

It has been the time for nourishing the old faithful friends, making new ones, and supporting the good businesses that do not discriminate and are not afraid to continue to operate FREELY. Like Basilico’s in Huntington Beach and the hidden gems in our community. Don’t you think that many of the same businesses that discriminated and segregated us with the “no mask no service” will be the same to discriminate again with a vaccine? Support your local businesses that follow real laws and honor their staff rights.

For real scientific analysis from a collaboration of resources weekly check out Dr. Pam Popper. She has a major lawsuit filed in federal court w/attorney Tom Renz and also just co-authored and published a new book “Covid operations”

I have said a few prayers for those people who have discriminated/persecuted me. It is either fear or control that drives them? Either way, I feel sorry for them. I am happy to be myself, and to let others be their self as well. I am a grown up who realizes and knows full well I have no control over anyone else’s body, mind, or spirit. I know how to stay home if I am sick, use a tissue, and take my temperature. Those are things we can all still do for ourselves. Feel free to change your mind if you have been listening to liars? It happens.