Fraud counties and free counties

Why is Humboldt county stuck in guidelines that are unlawful? We are not having our grievances heard, that’s why. Our leaders are hiding behind ZOOM & not answering the concerns of the citizens they represent. They continue to ignore us. This has to stop. We need to be heard. Virginia Bass stated they are zooming […]

Sarah formulated Crazy Healin salve for her

Sarah originally formulated Crazy Healin Skin for herself Let’s talk about Crazy Healin CBD skin salve…..I have had psoriasis since 2012. For many years, I would not go out in public without my whole body being covered because of the way that I felt in my own skin. Even intimate moments were affected for my […]

Why wearing a useless harmful mask is 100% against my religion.

When horrible politicians sought to force church closures across America the Supreme court ruled against their foolishness and even put this legislative code/law in their judgement. Thanks to Peggy Hall @ The Healthy American for keeping up with the laws and all your hard work & keeping freedom lovers on task. You are the BEST! […]

Walk Away Campaign

Yes it’s true, I love America. and most all people. Walk Away Campaign, Brandon Straka Facebook bans walk away group with 5oo,ooo

Buried news videos

All videos without dates were posted at the time of this original post which was 2*10*21. Newest entries are at the top of each category and dated. 5/13/21 Covid 5/11/21 How spike protein work 5/10/21 911 What’s your emergency? interviews from dispatchers about Covid reactions. 20 calls a day. 5/10/21 5/5/2021 VAERS – “Not Serious” […]

A better normal.

These medical professionals are speaking truth. They do not want a new normal, or even the old normal. What they are working towards is a better normal. World Doctors Alliance More to come

Government health “care”

Historically the government has given me little reason to trust my health care to them. I can only assume those that do trust them have fewer options available to them. Nasal Radiation Irradiation – this study estimates that 500k-2 million, mostly children were subjected to this. Tuskegee Syphilis Study The only people that are insisting […]

The bare face is beautiful

The importance of the face, Peggy Hall @ the healthy American. What are we doing to our kids? They are healthy? Children, babies, hearing impaired, autistic, most special needs people need to see our faces for healthy social interaction. Maybe you are so afraid of Covid that you are ignoring all that we are sacrificing […]