All videos without dates were posted at the time of this original post which was 2*10*21. Newest entries are at the top of each category and dated.



5/11/21 How spike protein work

5/10/21 911 What’s your emergency? interviews from dispatchers about Covid reactions. 20 calls a day.


5/5/2021 VAERS – “Not Serious” designation accounting for 67% of all Events even some deaths

4/29/2021 It’s not a vaccine, it’s a lethal injection.

2*21*21 I beg you-please watch this to the end.

2*21*21 Messege to Ghanaians- Rockefeller foundation & Covid

2*21*21 Vaccine is 100% voluntary, even for military.

2*19*21 Nurse took vaccine now having constant tremors- needs help, offers warning

2*17*21 WHO tries to bribe Madagascar 20 million dollars to add toxins

2*14*21 Simone Gold speaks about physicians, scientists, and government agencies lying to citizens. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

A better normal

Terrible reactions to Covid vaccines

Nurse collapses immediately after receiving vaccine on live televison

Empty hospitals around the world

Dr’s and nurses call bull sh*t on Covid

Nurse fed up with politics of Covid at her hospital in Broward county Florida

Italian Dr warning about Covid-19

Daughter fights to get mother out of hospital


What is really going on? Pervywood

3*2*21 McAllistar TV Vlogger video below ~Will military tribunals take place? Supreme Ct proves itself corrupt-Video shows twin sisters run into traffic, get ran over multiple times, totally fine are considered to be trans human “super soldiers” (minute 30) with mixed bloodlines-Mitt Romney sporting a shiner.

2*21*21 Green screen used in beheading videos found on John McCain’s laptop

2*21*21 Michael Jackson Donald J Trump

2*19*21 Conspiracy? Secret messages in money-911 an inside job?

2*15*21 Fight fight fight!

2*14*21 Congressional leaders inciting violence & riots

2*14*21 Bill Gates speaking to the CIA about FUN VAX=vaccinating the “fanatic” out of people.

2*14*21 Amazing Polly reads & gives op ed TIME MAGAZINE admitting election “fortified”

2*13*21 Mom says her son’s insulin prices under Trump was $50, now $500 under Biden

2*13*21 Envelopes at President Bush Sr funeral

Agenda 21

Capital Raid

The fall of the Cabal

David Steel message-make the deal or die


2*21*21 CNN and NBC paid ANTIFA footage at capital

2*20*21 Out of the Shadows – documentary about the Hollywood occult elite

Mockingbird media-programming talking points

Masks and other lawlessness

No shoes, no shirt, no mask no service? NOT TRUE



D.U.M.B.S. tunnels

2*13*21 Andrenochrome

2*13*21 Underground Australia

3*2*21 Out of the shadows documentary by retired Hollywood stunt actor-media imagery, CIA, satanic occult

2*14*21 518 arrested in Los Angeles human trafficking-20 victims located & rescued


Isaac Kappy dead after speaking out about Hollywood pedophiles

2*13*21 Tom Hanx lost gloves socks shoes SRC USA