Fraud counties and free counties

Why is Humboldt county stuck in guidelines that are unlawful? We are not having our grievances heard, that’s why. Our leaders are hiding behind ZOOM & not answering the concerns of the citizens they represent. They continue to ignore us. This has to stop. We need to be heard. Virginia Bass stated they are zooming […]

Lying Governor, lying public health officers.

Peggy Hall @ When you know the real laws you don’t have to follow lying leaders, and it’s wonderful! Some business owners never caved in to the Governor Newsome’s over reach. All of Governor Gavin Newsome’s executive orders have all been ruled unlawful, illegal, null and void! Furthermore, the judge has ruled an injunction […]

Case against masks

Confused? That is by design. Information has been contradictory from the beginning. CDC’s most recent information for you. Credit to Peggy Hall, MASKS DO NOT WORK AND THEY ARE 100% ILLEGAL TO ENFORCE Ohio Landmark lawsuit federal court with Dr. Pam Popper THIS IS IT! The burden of proof is on those who say, […]

Laws and Resources for Small Business Owners regarding masks, ADA laws, civil rights, orders, mandates, and guidelines.

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To beloved Humboldt nation,

I have some questions for you/us as a county I hope you will consider. How long do our leaders plan to keep us on lockdown mode since they have not told us? Do you remember when we were asked to stay home for 2 weeks back in March? Do you realize now that it is […]