Give and take

I’ve been doing “workshops” with kids and friends for years now. I build things for myself that I can’t find locally, online, or afford. A lot of times my friends will come up with their own designs, and we just go for it in the shop with all leftover materials. Scrap wood, hardware, leftover paints from previous projects.

Workshops are free, but there is a catch. Well besides having to get here! For every 1 item someone wants to make for free, they just need to make 2 and leave 1 here for donation. I have found when building things (out of wood especially) if I am going to go through all the trouble to make something I know I’ll make again, it is wise to just build 2! The build is often pretty quick, but the sanding, staining, and decorating the final touches takes the longest.

If you are interested in doing a workshop with me for FREE by participating in “give and take” now is the time. Call or email me to schedule a time.

cousin Simone & her boy Kane made a planter stand. easy peasy.