The countdown is on…

So all of a sudden the countdown has gotten so close! My cousin Timmy jr. (& his wife Amy) have been working tirelessly on this project, maybe even more than me!

This time last year (July 2016) I was back in the Midwest for a family reunion in July. That was the place I told everyone I was going to build my mom a tiny house, and wondered if any of my family would be interested? Many of my aunts and uncles had been out before, and I just knew that they needed a good excuse to come on out and have something to do. They have answered the call! Have I mentioned lately how awesome my family is? They really are!

Of coarse my sister was on board immediately, and then my cousin Timmy really got the ball rolling when he shared moms story with his local (Minnesota) window company, Apex, and generous Joe Trombley approved and gave him 4 top of the line, brand new windows. It was one simple phone call, but what he was able to get his hands on was confirmation to all of us hopefuls to begin moving forward. I didn’t have everything, but I had alot of hope that I would see God’s goodness through my family, friends, and community, and we really are!

So far we have only spent 5k on a new 7×24 trailer, purchased from Dennis at RMI in Eureka. What we have already in possession is the trailer, the spot with electricity, water, plumbing ready to go, 4 awesome windows, 1 sliding glass door, 2×4 skylight, toilet, bathroom door, ceiling fan, some roofing, some lumber, some hardware. My cousin’s wife Amy scored us a new fridge, and stove w/oven from their local A-1 appliance store in Minnesota. Our trailer size we were renting for the windows grows by the day with the loot! I am so proud that our family ancestry goes as far back as the 1700’s in Minnesota because those are some fine people over, right??

Most recently my cousin Timmy has given me a full plan for the tiny house-materials, and cut list too! He has requested that I get the floor insulated and ready before he arrives with the caravan of family on August 7th so that we can begin framing right away. So, this week, I will be picking up materials for that project, and I will begin building the insulated floor of the trailer. All by myself, unless anyone wants to come help? Oh wait, mom says she will be helping too, schlepping water.